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Bookmarks by Keywords  

July 2006: "bookkey" is "miTaggedMarks" now.
See for the new version and latest information.

       Some Screenshots With Description

Main Window
with the keyword section on the left and the list of bookmarks on the right.

The keyword section shows the selected keywords at the top and the available kewords in the bottom list.
The list of bookmarks is filtered according to the selected keywords.
The bookmarks are grouped by the additional keywords, shown in the SectionTitles.
The popup menu includes items for direct de/assignment of keywords from/to the selected bookmark(s).
The (de)assignment can also be done in the dialog for bookmark properties (see below).

bookkey main window

Dialog for Bookmark Properties
with the keyword section on the right.
This dialog is also used when taking over URL data from browsers.
The top list shows all keywords assigned to the bookmark, the bottom list all available keywords in differently sorted lists.
Assoc. keywords are keywords that are already used in combination with the assigned ones.
The A2Z bar gives quick access to keywords by first character.
The Same domain section (bottom left) lists already saved URLs from the same domain as the edited one. This helps to avoid saving similar URLs.

bookkey - bookmark properties

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